War Season and VE Day

    War Season

    TCM Movies brings you a war movie classic every weekday afternoon in the lead-up to VE Day. Join us at 1.30pm from Monday 4th of May for cinematic masterpieces telling moving stories of life during conflict.


    Where Eagles Dare

    Monday 4th May at 1.30pm


    Battle of the Bulge

    Tuesday 5th May at 1.30pm


    The Bridge at Remagen

    Wednesday 6th May at 1.30pm


    The Dirty Dozen

    Thursday 7th May at 1.30pm


    VE Day

    Watch TCM Movies from 8.10am on Friday 8th May for back-to-back war classics to mark the 75th anniversary of VE Day. Our line-up of cinematic stories from the frontline includes The Password is Courage, The Dirty Dozen, The Battle at Remagen, Battle of the Bulge and Where Eagles Dare.