Do you sell DVDs?
TCM UK do not sell any products. TCM cannot assist in enquiries about where to obtain DVDs.
The TCM US website does not ship to the UK.

Can I request a film to be shown on TCM?
TCM receives a high volume of emails and unfortunately cannot respond to individual film requests. For information on what's showing on TCM please check the listings.

Why do the schedules say one thing and you broadcast another?
We provide our schedules to national papers and specialised cable & satellite magazines six weeks or more before they come out. Sometimes we have to make changes due to circumstances beyond our control, but the listings have already been printed and cannot be changed. For a complete and up-to-date schedule check out our online schedule or consult your electronic programme guide via your television.

Subtitles and services for the hard of hearing
For further information on how to select subtitles please link through to your relevant TV platform below.

Top up TV

How can I receive TCM?
There are many ways for you to receive TCM, See our GET TCM section for the latest information.

Where is TCM available?
TCM is available via cable, satellite and digital terrestrial TV in over 47 million households throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa with eight regional versions in thirteen languages. TCM is operated by Turner Broadcasting System Europe Limited, a Time Warner Company.

When did TCM launch?
TCM launched in 1999 in Europe and in 1994 in the USA.

What can I expect to see on TCM?
TCM (Turner Classic Movies) draws from an extensive library of movies ranging from the 1920s onwards, aiming to create an emotional connection through a love film and film stars.

What to do if my questions are not answered here?
If you still have questions and you need to contact the TCM UK team (please note this is for UK related queries only), you can email tcmmailuk@turner.com. For US queries, please use http://www.tcm.com/contact-tcm.html.

For all European enquiries excluding the UK, please contact tcmmaileurope@turner.com or a specific address from the list below:

TCM Asia

TCM France

TCM Spain

TCM Latin America
Email (Spanish)
Email (Portuguese)

TCM Australia

TCM New Zealand

TCM Nordic